Questions to Ask Before Showing Up to a Protest

  • Is this event Black led?

  • How long has the Black leadership been organizing in Portland?

  • Who are the partner organizations?

  • Will this event negatively impact a Black or NBPoC neighborhood?

  • Is this event in a residential neighborhood? What is the cost-benefit analysis of this locale?

  • What is the spiciness level?

  • What is the goal of the event?

  • What do you need to bring? 

    • View the protest checklist here​

Safety Advice and Etiquette

Background info to keep the focus on BLM

Info about the medic groups downtown

Info about the chemical weapons being used

Equipment to have for different levels of engagement

Post-Protest Cleaning and Care Tips

Info and tips here

Links to Other Things

Livestreams of downtown Portland

Links to event and protest calendars (Don't Shoot PDX and probably other orgs)

Profiles of journalists to follow (specifically BIPOC journalists in Portland I think)

Maybe a protest buddy sign up here

Would need more details

Registration for PDX ASC 2020 Online Nature & Mindfulness Summer Camp begins soon. Please let us know if you would like to be notified.

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