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 Introducing the FULLY DIGITAL Mental Health & Wellness Platform!

PDXASC has spent the last 4 months building something huge... A mental health and wellness mutual aid platform. This HIPAA compliant, BAA compliant platform will allow community organizers and those within the mutual aid network to access short term mental health services, herbalism services, and acute crisis care. Our mental health providers are all eligible for peer support or QMHP certification, or licensed clinical mental health providers. Our herbalists are board-certified. Our care and love for the community organizers and mutual aid participants are incalculably huge. 

Below you'll find our scheduling widget. This Vagaro hosted scheduling widget allows you to select from service or by time slot to best accommodate your schedule needs. If these options do not meet your needs, or you are unable to find a time that works with your schedule, please contact for further assistance.

We will be using the Klara system for our platform, which allows you to have video visits and text conversations with your provider in an encrypted, HIPAA/BAA compliant format without downloading a special app. You simply log in using your personal information and phone number on your phone's web browser, which is also where you can sign all of your informed consent and treatment authorization documents. You may also log on to the portal from a laptop with video features at, but unless your screen is a touch screen, you will still need to sign all consent forms your provider requires by law for treatment. If any of these barriers make it difficult for you to receive service, please reach out to for assistance in resolving this.  

Schedule with a provider below or use this text number for a mental health crisis or short term service: 503 400 3353 

Please do not send sensitive patient information via email, such as condition/diagnosis, etc. Your health details are important to us, and for that reason, we ask that you wait to enter information until you are within the vagaro scheduling system widget or within the Klara system. This is for your protection and as well as HIPAA Compliance.

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