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Continuing education coming soon!


Courses for care providers seeking training on creating safe spaces for vulnerable groups.


A key part of our work is to provide access to safe spaces for POC, refugees, and other vulnerable groups seeking care.  This means training care providers on how to create safe spaces.


We will offer diversity training for practitioners who want to support our vision of providing self-care resources. Our trainings will also be available to the public as we believe everyone can benefit from better understanding the obstacles that keep the most vulnerable among us from accessing safe, intersectional self-care resources.


Because most self-care practitioners in our city are white, we will require cultural competency and diversity training for white practitioners in order to increase safe access to traditionally white healing spaces for marginalized communities, and to reinforce the truth that self-care is for all people.



Our curriculum (in development) will offer training on:


  • A Historical Context of Trauma

  • Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Body Positivity

  • Challenging Power Dynamics in Healing Spaces

  • Community Care

  • Creating Safer Access to Healing Spaces

  • Cultural Competency and Humility

  • Epigenetics and Trauma

  • Humility in Herbalism

  • Microaggressions and Implicit Bias

  • Creating Safer Access to Healing Spaces for Nonbinary & Trans Folx

  • Appropriate Boundaries / Safe Touch / Sexual Harassment

  • Self-Care for Practitioners

  • Sex Positivity

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Wellness-Informed  Care


We require our network of providers to participate in this training. These trainings can also be used for continuing education



Want to be in the loop when our curriculum is ready? Get in touch!

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