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Tiffany Barber

I am Tiffany (she/her/hers), the  Marine Scientist Extraordinaire.  It is my life’s passion to be a representation for youth so they can see people like them doing cool stuff. I also hope to inspire others from backgrounds similar to mine by being an example of what they can achieve. I like to travel, SCUBA dive, dance in the dark, sleep and be outdoors. My favorite treat is mochi ice cream. My self care routine is sleep, eat, knit, repeat.


Elizabeth Gillingham

Elizabeth (she/her/hers) is a VISTA for PDX ASC this summer. Her interests and experience range from psychiatric health to linguistics. 


In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys writing poetry, playing music, going for long runs in the forest and drinking good coffee. Elizabeth hopes to work in higher education some day.

Nick Chaiyachakorn

Hey there! I’m Nick (he/him/his), and I'm passionate about y'all's mental health. I live with depression and anxiety, and have fought to get my friends through the mental health system. Now I'm writing self-care zines with Liz that I hope will get you talking about how y'all take care of yourselves. Swing by my office hours!


Malaya Hawk

I am a student at University of Oregon and I study Art and Technology and Computer Information Technology. I love Watching movies and my favorite place is any body of water with sand!


Angela Ma

Hi! My name is Angela (she/her/hers) and I'm a VISTA for PDX ASC this summer. I'm a second-year philosophy major at Reed College and hope to work in the legal field in the future. In my free time, you can catch me making playlists, drinking coffee, reading, or exploring hidden hiking trails. My guilty pleasure is any sort of chocolate-based dessert!


Morghan Connell

Heyo! I'm Morghan, I use they/them pronouns and grew up here in Portland. I am currently studying urban & public affairs as well as civic leadership. I'm planning on being a teacher actually! I am very invested in activism and helping others learn how to transform our current systems. I have experience in mindfulness work and trauma aware healing- so hit me up if you want to chat!! I also am into plants in my spare time so I would love to talk about how trees exist in communities if you're interested.

Sierra Loiselle

Hello! My name is Sierra (she/her/hers). I am at student at Oregon State University, and I am studying Computer Science. I love movies, martial arts, and board games. I am an avid Star Wars fan, but will geek out with you about anything! Feel free to stop by my office hours if you need help with technology or just want to talk.

Asela Lee Kemper

Asela Lee Kemper is a current Summer VISTA with a background and passion for creative writing--specifically poetry. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Southern Oregon University. Kemper describes herself as someone who loves to write, listens to music, and screams internally 24/7. 


Alex Díaz Rios

My name is Alex (Alexander) Díaz Rios (He/His/Him/Él). I am a passionate advocate for education as a first-generation college graduate and English teacher. I am a born and raised Portlander. In my free time, I like to be in nature, read, and hang out with family and friends. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from Portland State University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University.


Seonah Choi

Hello! My name is Seonah (she/her/hers), I'd be happy if you call me Sunny :)  I'm a summer VISTA for PDX ASC. I am an English major at Hanyang University, South Korea, and I finished the exchange program at Portland State University. I like to explore and learn new things in all areas. The things I love are coffee, beer, watching FRIENDS over and over again, skateboarding, and taking photos with a film camera.

Madison Hairstone

Hello my name is Madison (she/her/hers), but I go by Mady! I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and I will soon be getting my bachelors in Public Health. I also play D1 college soccer for the University! I love the beautiful game of soccer (fútbol), and being a student athlete I've found that I have to be pretty passionate about staying active, and living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself! When I have free time I love to spend it with friends and family, listening to music, painting, or eating good food:)

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Leah Huffington

Hello, everyone! I am a student at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, whose interests range from economics to sociology and Hispanic studies. My passion lies in inspiring marginalized youth to pursue food sovereignty by promoting educational volunteerism and community empowerment. My hobbies include dancing, sketching, anime-ing, creative writing, hiking, and taking Buzzfeed quizzes to discover what kind of potato I am.


Isha Elboctorcy

My name is Isha (she/her) and I attend Lewis & Clark College. I am a Studio Art major and I love to cook and try new ingredients! My favorite things to do are playing video games with my siblings, drinking coffees, drawing, and dancing with my Cheer & Step

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