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You will have an opportunity to collaborate directly with the Executive Director on meaningful and important projects that will help improve access to self-care resources for underserved folx. We have a variety of crucial projects for self-directed interns: expanding our donor base and maximizing our effectiveness in building donor relationships or working with the Volunteer Coordinator to help us build organizational capacity are just two examples. While we do have a need for certain roles to be filled, we nevertheless invite you to design and develop your own project within the scope of our work. 

This unpaid internship opportunity:

  • Is designed for school credit through cooperative education or required internship programs

  • Is designed to improve skill sets and build resumes to improve post-graduate marketability

  • Includes reimbursement of authorized project-related expenses

Review our open intern positions here:

Community Impact Intern 

Information Technology Intern 

Graphic Design Intern

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